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Ilinden Mayor: Investments decreased unemployment to 6%

Објавено на: 16.02.2017 - 14:08

Zika Stojanovski, Mayor of the Ilinden municipality, said that the latest 33 foreign investments have helped to bring the unemployment to a record down of 6 percent. In his work report, Stojanovski said that a total of 180 new plants and factories were opened in Ilinden since 2008, allowing the municipality to invest strongly in infrastructure.

"We have been able to build, repair or restore 275 kilometers of roads across the municipality. We built or repaired 80 streets and invested nearly three million EUR only in the past year. We also helped improve roadside safety, by building 15 kilometers of cycling and pedestrian trails, trails for sports and recreation and seven new bridges, six of which are for pedestrians", Stojanovski said at a press conference.

Mayor Stojanovski added that the local self-government has build additional systems for collection of water, and water purification. A new hospital was built to cover the needs of 4.500 citizens around Miladinovci, while a new and later expanded kindergarten houses 400 children.

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