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Second plant of “Tehnohoze” in Ilinden opened

Објавено на: 07.10.2013 - 11:40

The Italian company “Teknohoze” today will set the cornerstone of the second object in the Technological Industrial Zone Skopje 1 in Bunardzik - Municipality of Ilinden, which will produce hydraulic clutches for reinforced rubber hose for high pressure.

Last year the company launched its first plant in use located in Bunardzik, an investment worth five million euros and 50 new jobs. The plant is 3,000 square meters big and it produces reinforced rubber hoses for high pressure for the construction and automotive industries. The production is placed on the markets in South East Europe and Russia.

According to the announcements, the second investment will increase the number of jobs up to 200.

The company “Teknohoze” which is registered in Macedonia under the name “Macedonia WITEC” is a member of the Italian group “Vitilo”. The Group is privately owned and includes two legal entities “group Vitilo SRL” which deals with the production and sale of hydraulic couplings under high pressure” and “Teknohoze SRL” for production of reinforced rubber hoses.
The Group has an annual turnover of EUR 36 million and owns six factories in Italy with about 200 employees.

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