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27.10.2014 |

New Investments to Open 500 Jobs in Ilinden

New investments worth EUR 10 million will open 500 jobs in Ilinden municipality.

03.09.2014 |

7 attractive parcels for investment in Ilinden

The municipality of Ilinden announced 7 attractive locations of construction land for new investments in the Economic Zone Ilinden. 

06.08.2014 |

Confectionery Factory Construction in Ilinden Municipality Begins

Construction of a new confectionery factory in the municipality of Ilinden in Skopje, was launched Wednesday.

12.06.2014 |

Ilinden Municipality in collaboration with Van Hool organize training for unemployed

Municipality of Ilinden in cooperation with Van Hool today at 14:00 are organizing training for unemployed persons for the purposes of the company, which will take place in secondary vocational school “Ilinden”.

01.04.2014 |

Macedonia’s Education Ministry to Link Vocational Schools and Companies

The Education Ministry will connect vocational high schools and companies, in an attempt to provide apprenticeships for students at the companies and an easier access to the labor market.

To that end, the Ministry has created an email address praksa@mon.gov.mk.

01.04.2014 |

Minister Ristovski: Ilinden is a example for other local self-governments

This is the right move by the municipality and the example to be followed by other municipalities, mayors, and directors of vocational schools. We will be maximally focused in the future to make this commitment to the schools and to implement practice by signing Memoranda of cooperation not only formally but real implementation!

17.02.2014 |

Еvery fifth facility in the Skopje region will be built in Ilinden

The past year only three to four building permits were issued in Skopje Centre, while construction sites will be opened on 29 locations in Bitola, 10 in Stip, 8 in Kumanovo, and every fifth facility in Skopje will be built in Ilinden, Vecer writes.

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